What is compression therapy?

What is Compression therapy? 

In order to increase the efficiency of the lymphatic and venous systems as well as blood circulation, you can use this effective method by which controlled air pressure is applied to the extremities. This is method is known as compression therapy. 360 Air Tech uses dynamic compression that utilizes compressed air to mobilize blood flow and improve circulation. Traditionally, compression therapy makes use of socks or stockings.


How does Compression therapy work? 

When blood vessels and arteries narrow poor circulation occurs, increasing the difficulty for blood to circulate optimally. To loosen the veins in the limbs, controlled air pressure is added to the contracting areas of restricted blood flow. This compression therapy reduces edema, decreases venous pressure, and ultimately increases blood flow towards the heart. It also aids in the removal of waste, swelling, and inflammation from the body, also knows as “lymphatic flush”.


So what is 360 Air Tech?

Founded by a professional rugby player Giovan Snyman, 360RECOVERYTECH Pty Ltd was created to enable all types of athletes to have full access to the recovery equipment their bodies need to stay at the top of their game.

360 Air Tech is the result of the need for quick recovery after every hard session or match. With the Covid-19 Pandemic changing a lot of competition structures in multiple different sports, the time to recover has decreased while the need to perform has increased. The result of this is 360 Air Tech, an air compression recovery system enabling all athletes and non-athletes alike to train harder and recover faster while increasing their ability to perform better.


How Does 360 Air Tech Compression Therapy Work?

360 Air Tech makes uses of 3 different types of compression techniques to aid with the body’s recovery. This includes compressing with a gradient, compressing with a pulse using the different compartments, and evenly releasing the compressed air to accelerate the blood flow.

  • Gradient Compression: Fluid is prevented to move in the wrong direction in the limbs through utilizing pressure in the separate compartments.
  • Compression Pulses: Through using a pulsing compression pattern instead of static compression, a more effective and efficient recovery method is achieved through copying the natural pattern how muscles pump blood through the arms and legs. Through replicating the bodies natural ways, fluid is moved in the limbs.
  • Compression Release: Compartmentally releasing the compressed air through the recovery system, allows the limbs to have most rest time possible between the different stages of the different compression modes.


What Can Be Treated with 360 Air Tech Compression Therapy?

Air Compression therapy is intended for assisting in recovery and improving blood flow for athletes and non-athletes alike. Compression therapy have proved to be beneficial for anyone who experienced traveling long distances/duration or even someone who spends long periods at a time sitting or standing. Compression therapy is great prevention care, utilizing compression therapy can assist in treating some vein diseases before any visible signs are detected. A number of women experience sore, achy, swollen legs during pregnancy, compression therapy is a great way of dealing with such pain. During the last few years, athletes have been pushed through their boundaries to stay above their competitors. 360 Air Tech is most beneficial for professional athletes, through enabling them to train harder and recover faster they will be able to stay ahead of their competition.


What Are the Benefits of Compression Therapy? 

Compression therapy offers a variety of benefits, such as:

better blood flow

  • Decreases swelling and inflammation
  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Prevents delayed-onset muscle soreness
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Removes exercise-related wastes, such as lactic acid
  • Decreases muscle fatigue

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